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Elite coaching software by coaches, for coaches

Personal Health Solution is an elite coaching software for health & fitness professionals and anyone passionate about coaching clients to achieve their nutrition, training and lifestyle goals.

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One day or day one, you decide

Work more efficiently as a coach & help clients achieve their goals

PHS Software is an all-in-one software that enables coaches & professionals to work more efficiently and achieving better client results. It reduces the administrative burden of the coach and ensures better communication with the client.

Our software is linked to the MyPHS client app, which gives you as a coach even more tools to achieve the best results for your clients.

Image Personal Health Solution | Elite coaching software for personal trainers

Free tips, tricks & inspiration

Free access to our Youtube Exercise Database

Every exercise in our PHS software is linked to a video from our Youtube database to see how a certain exercise should be performed. All your clients will also see these videos in their myPHS app to make sure they know which exercise is meant in the training program you made as coach.

An all-in-one software

Possibilities & features:

Below you’ll find a list of all the features of our coachingssoftware.

Nutrition programs

Make personalised nutrition programs with self-made templates using our nutrition database.

Training programs

Make personalised training programs with self-made templates based on our exercise database including tutorials.

Skinfold measuring

With this feature you can collect and analyse all skinfold measurements per client. You can choose between 4, 7 or 14 points.

Client management

One up-to-date database for all your clients with the possibility to filter on: last new biofeedback, new workout completed,...

Exercise database

All exercises in PHS and myPHS are linked to our free YouTube exercise database.

Bio feedback

Coming soon

Write biofeedback templates for your customers to fill in via de myPHS app.


Coming soon

Set up a digital intake form and let your clients fill it in directly through myPHS.

Chat function

Coming soon

Chat with your clients via myPHS and avoid extra unnecessary communication channels.

Communication with your clients

myPHS: The all-in-one application for your clients

With myPHS your clients can view your personalised training and nutrition programs and log their workouts. This application is the link between the software and your clients. Soon, it will also be possible to set up a digital intake form and regular biofeedbacks according to your frequency in our app. We will also add a chat function to make sure all communication can be done via myPHS and no extra external channels are necessary anymore.

Image Personal Health Solution | Elite coaching software for personal trainers

High-performance software, simple prices

Subscriptions for professionals

After the free trial of 1 month, you can choose out of 2 rates.

* all prices are excl. VAT

1 price for all your customers

Working with PHS software, that’s paying 1 price for all your customers. You pay for your subscription as a coach or professional, and you have no limit on the number of clients you can add in the software.


€ 65 / month

€ 780 / year

  • Access to all of our features
  • Pay monthly via direct debit
  • No notice period
2 Months free


€ 54 / month

€ 650 / year

  • Access to all of our features
  • One payment
  • Get 2 months free

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